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B-tourist is made of an elastic fabric that fits many seats sizes. after assembling the piece, it offers one their own private space to quietly eat, read a book, watch a movie and to sleep without being disturbed. the side of the material has a pocket inserted into it where one can place small items they may wish to keep close by during the flight. plastic rings are also applied along the edge, which enable the width to be easily adjusted.

Airlines wearable blanket


The blanket is easy to wear , It has sewing rings for the head and hands and it allows you to enjoy with a worm and cozy cover while your hands are free.  The blanket stays in place at all time especialy when you are sleeping.

Travel plus gold awarded winner for 2016​ - innovation category

Registered design


Lyly Design Studio wishes to announce its' new concept for anyone traveling with their pet. Pet travel bag usually storage in dense aircraft conditions. Traveling with your “best friend” onboard is a common process for small animals (up to 8kg). Pet owners, who feel they are “parents to their pets”, sadly do not receive the attention deserved while onboard to travel comfortably, even though in their opinion, they should be receiving similar flying services as do family member. Our new design concept for a Pet travel bag storage features a safe way for pets to be placed right in from of your own eyes, very close by, eliminating any discomforts to you, your pet and all the other passengers on board. Direct eye contact with your pet placed across from you in the overhead storage compartments, is the ultimate way to treat pets and enable ultimate comfort the whole flight

"Zoon In" - ELAL Dreamliner launching posters​ series

EL AL purchased 16 modern Dreamliner aircraft, taking a major step forward in passenger service and flight experience.

The advanced aircraft are state-of-the-art, offering many operational advantages and known as highly efficient and economical in fuel consumption, utilization and maintenance. 

Miss meter


Measuring Tape


As the most accurate giraffe in the savanna, Miss Meter can tell a precise distance from head to toe.


Design for: OTOTO design (Registered design)


Buy now at SOHO design shop 

Pot Pinchers


Pot holders 

POT PINCHERS lobster pot grips are red and ready to protect your hands from the heat. Two pinchers made of heat-resistant silicone.


Design for: Fred&Friends 



Buy now at Fred

El Al’s New Onboard Food Experience

This refreshing design opportunity hit the traditional Israeli airline with the purchase of its new Dreamliner fleet and the rebranding that followed, introducing new interior design, new “Premium” class and new colors and textures to the livery of the aircraft's. As a part of the design research process, in order to study the essence of Israeli landscapes and try to catch the natural “moods” of them, we collected hundreds of visuals, starting from bird’s view pictures of different parts of Israel, to geology books, Israeli archeology archives and even instagram hashtags. We then created several possible conceptual and aesthetic divisions for the 3 classes on the airplane.”


Design for "image" exhibition at "Beit-Binyamini", Tel-Aviv

First class pyjama


New design for First class pyjama, Individually styled for men and women

Both sets come with pants and packed with fabric stylish bag for any use.

All costume made design for ELAL airlines 

Israeli breakfast for economy class 

The new co-branding breakfast tray design for EL-AL airline collaborate with Strauss group which is the largest food company in Israel. Both large and quality brands joined together to serve onboard new fresh and tasty Israeli breakfast for economy class passengers. 


Taste the world on EL AL airlines


EL AL launched a new concept for business class.

"Taste of the world" varying lunch or dinner menus that will surprise passengers with new flavors and aromas from different parts of the world, every few months.

North African cuisine is the second taste

Collaboration with Chef Segev

Maki cups

Measuring cups


1\2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup set for all purpose kitchen uses. 


Design for: OTOTO design (Registered design)


Buy now at OTOTO SHOP



"Halo" design for "Hanukka" celebration event and exhibition in Tel Aviv ."Halo" was inspired by the exciting skyscrapers in big cities all around the world. By using the candle illuminating we bring the building into life and create a real skyline shadow. When the candle light fade down it almost seems like the small city is falling in sleep… on the next day, when we light the candles again, as part of a traditional Jewish custom, there is a magical feeling for a new birthing day rising along with the city.


Blue porcelain ice cream cup


Ice cream Co-branding package combines ELAL airlines and ALDO - an Israeli local boutique Italian ice cream chain with 40 stores from north to south Israel; ALDO is well known for making ice cream with the freshest and best ingredients imported directly from Italy. Both brands qualities are premium level and join together to create for ELAL special edition ice cream cup with Italian luxury experience.

Design for ELAL airlines and ALDO 



Popcorn bowl 


Sheepopco looks like half a sheep, cut horizontally. Fill the bowl up with popcorn, and you’ve got yourself the cutest, tastiest sheep.


Registered design


Taste the world on EL AL airlines


EL AL launched a new concept for business class.

"Taste of the world" varying lunch or dinner menus that will surprise passengers with new flavors and aromas from different parts of the world, every few months.

Italian cuisine is the first taste


Collaboration with Chef Segev



The Sew-ink is a series of Ink stamps for home sewing machine. The stamp's node radius is the same size as a standard sewing-machine needle shank, so is secured onto the machine in the same way. As the fabric is fed under the foot of the sewing machine, the stamp prints a small motif onto the garment over and over to form a linear pattern.







Toothbrush hanger


Knight in position, let the game begin. Check mate – your teeth are clean!


Design for: OTOTO design (Registered design)


Buy now at SOHO design shop 

LIMA - Citrus reamer


Lima design base on the tension between the soft designs but strength structural. The aesthetics aspect of Lima Creates a feeling of frozen movement the 3D final shape refer to the source of the laser cut lines (2D sketch) So we can imagine and get a feel of the production process.
Material - stainless steel, laser cutting, brushing manually




A sustainable twist on an everyday item that lights up the cityscape in a sea of vibrant colors. by simply securing the cloth pegs to hanging garments on the street, an internal system autonomously shines at night. each clasp has a small solar panel attached to the top of its clip, which collects sunlight throughout the day. by dusk, a sensor supplies a tiny battery pack with the cue to turn on, automatically illuminating the LEDs in color. the intelligent twist on an ordinary household chore adds a visual contribution to the streetscape while maintaining an environmentally friendly design.

Happy LED life award - Gwangju international design biennale 2015

Violent objects exhibition

Presented at Vitrine Gallery
Faculty of Design, Holon Institute of Technology
Opening: March 7, 2017
Closing: April 4, 2017


Elephant in the ROOM


A playful accessory to compliment electric plugs. by attaching the piece to a power point outlet, it turns the common household object into the face of an elephant with an extended trunk as the cable. made from plastic, the small animal-shaped unit transforms whatever wall jack it is placed on, with each individual cord creating a unique expression according to its color and shape.

David Rubinger Photography  - Exhibition Design

"Moments in the Sky” exhibition displaying historic photos by David Rubinger at the EL AL King David Lounge at ben Gurion airport.

The design team take part in all exhibition design production

Taste the world on EL AL airlines


EL AL launched a new concept for business class.

"Taste of the world" varying lunch or dinner menus that will surprise passengers with new flavors and aromas from different parts of the world, every few months.

Asian cuisine is the third taste

Collaboration with Chef Segev

Safety card 787

Design concept, Illustration and production

Cake shape


Disposable cake tray for birthday event or any celebration events, include multi version

of different graphics and branding. 

Sold on "Shufersal" biggest retail corporation in Israel.

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